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Talent Is Not Enough

As we enter award season I think I should let all aspiring artists know that having talent is not enough, You must have the burning desire to improve, the feeling that there is nothing else you are meant to do and that you will do anything and everything to succeed.

Getting signed to a label is not the end result you want – its only the beginning. A record label will help you improve, promote and market you but you must be out there working to support their efforts as well. The more you work creates a larger audience and fan base and the more demand there will be for your recording and by the same token, the more demand for your recording, the more you will get paid for your live shows.

Great artists always believe that they can improve and work hard to be the very best they can be. Truly gifted artists know that its not what they do but who they are. If you don’t live it, don’t do it. There are always jobs elsewhere.